Forms & Surveys

Collect answers from simple questions to complex forms as part of your scheduling process. Meettrics Forms allows you to collect feedback in any way your company needs.
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How it works

Set up and configure your portals, public and private, with your forms or collect answers on its own! A detailed reporting section shows you exactly what your customers answered with a whole bunch of extras.

Single page or multiple sections

As simple or as long as you need

Sometimes it's just a quick question. Other times there is complicated logic and multiple pages of questions. No matter what you need, we have you covered.

  • A single or multiple form pages helps questions stay organized
  • All the standard question types like radio and selects with some bonus question types such as NPS scoring
  • Ability to resume the form from anywhere

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Detailed reporting

See how your customers progressed through your forms. Figure out where they dropped off and optimize and publish new revisions to optimize your conversion rates.

Endless customizability

Configure your brand images, logos, colors and endless more. Customize the social share settings and publish to your favorite social media sites.

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Collect data while scheduling

Add or remove questions on your live forms with form versions. When you're ready, publish your changes and we will take care of the rest! All of your reporting will end up in one convenient place.

  • Qualify new leads upfront
  • Easily prepare for your meeting with all their answers in one spot
  • Focus more time on closing the deal
  • Cut tools, cut costs

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And payments too

"Collect payments as part of the
booking process with Stripe!"

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