Invest more time in people, spend less time scheduling

We want to deliver a product people love to use. A solution that makes your life easier. Software that helps you to invest more time in people and spend less time on low-value tasks. We want Meettrics to be available to anyone, without any caveats like data harvesting or high pricing strategies. We want to invest in you as our client by delivering a great product at a great price. We hope you like it.

Our Meettrics values

Deliver high quality softwware

We make it work, whatever it takes

Value creation over production

We create value for our customers, not features for our product

Focus on the masters and experts

We invest in creating masters and experts to deliver the best products

Collaboration over individualism

We create awesome products by learning from each other

How Meettrics is different than anything you have seen so far

Our mission is about investing in people, not about generating profits or creating the best technology out there. Meettrics wants to provide an affordable way to help you invest more time on the things that actually matter, like you and me - people. How do we make this happen?
We will do the scheduling for you; seamlessly connect your calendars to Meettrics and send out invitations links

You will not loose your personal touch; personalize your booking pages with colours, contact details and photo collections

And we will give you all the insights you need; your meetings will be analyzed according to our advanced metrics and insights will be provided

Focus on what matters to you, and leave the rest up to us 😊.

Whose the team behind Meettrics?

Meettrics had the first bits of code written by Colin Petruno in October of 2019. As a developer first, business person second, he set out to expirement with building a company around value first instead of profit. Bootstrapping was the only way to make this happen. One thing he noticed is that the moment investors get involved changes how you need to make decisions. Maybe put in succinct internet meme form: 'Profit has entered the chat'.

Value to him is something that wants to make you this software, a nice addiition to your life that brings enjoyment instead of frustration. With the constraint that it was one person that had to build, sell, design, market and maintain, as well as past industry experiences blended together into the Meettrics product you see today.

But it's about so much more than just the product itself. Meettrics is to find a new way to run SaaS companies. A way in which anyone can bring their value into the world. We seek to share extensively our journey as we progress. Not just the story, but actual tangible tools and techniques that let any small person build their value. Follow us on LinkedIn to hear more on this journey.

As we grow, one person can not handle the load forever. We are now a small distributed team but largely based in the Netherlands. We hope in the upcoming months and years as we grow the team and our resources.

How does Meettrics measure success?

Meettrics is all about metrics, but how do we measure our own success? We believe that companies shouldn’t be profit-focused but people-focused. That’s why the core metric of success at Meettrics is the total amount of hours invested in people. Directly we want to invest in our people. As a developer first company we want everyone to learn a bit about coding. We want our developers to learn marketing and design. The time we spend in adding new skills only helps us build better products. With our products we want to use our reach to help spread arts and humanities. We want to be successful because we are doing interesting things.

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